Enter the Playground!
Play and get trolled by your viewers in the most awesome ways while generating more revenue
Engage your viewers like never beforeAnyone can create an event with up to 4 streamers.The event is a series of minigames where streamers compete against each other or solo. The twist - viewers can impact each minigame using various trolls, with hilarious results.Each Troll costs Twigo coins (bought with real money). Our first supported Playground game will be Minecraft! With games, trolls and engagement options all automated and ready to go.
Brand - get tailor-made interactive experiences, influencers includedWhen brands create an event with Twigo, everything's included!Our team will create brand new games, items, textures and troll effects to make your brand part of the game. After building your custom minigame and fully branded custom map - we'll create a dedicated event with successful streamers that fit your brand.
Watch & Play togetherTwigo allows streamers to enjoy squad-stream capabilities!Viewers can watch the entire squad, participate in multiple chats and activate troll effects - all from the event page.Even if the streamers are on different platforms!
  • GameEvent systemOnce you create your event, our game server will be reserved for your party with your chosen minigames, troll effects and settings
  • EventGame ServerExplore the first Twigo Playground filled with adventure, currently supporting Minecraft with more games to come!
  • TennisCross-Platform Squad StreamYour viewers can enjoy watching the entire squad in one place, and activate various troll effects to each individual streamer
ABOUT TWIGOWe believe that streaming has changed the world of entertainment and marketingAs the eSport industry is changing rapidly and has seen tremendous growth over the years The industry continues to integrate into pop culture, its industry , both in terms of viewership and revenue.
LIMITED EARLY ACCESSTwigo was created by creative, innovative and passionate people for technology and the gaming industry.Email us to info@twigo.gg to join our community and be the first to know...No spam, we promise.