Community Guidelines

When you join Twigo, you are joining a global, diverse, and developing community. Twigo's goal is to keep the Twigo Services experience fun and safe and for all. These guidelines intended to establish the acceptable and not acceptable behavior on Twigo's platform. Please note, since Twigo is a new platform a change to these guidelines may occur as we embark on this journey together and receive your feedback.

  1. General Restrictions

Twigo prohibits activities and material (including all User Content) that:

  • Are harmful, deceptive, offensive, or illegal.
  • Encourage or promote harmful, deceptive, offensive, or illegal conduct.
  • Violate any of Twigo’s Terms of Service, privacy policy, or any other policies.
  • Contain nudity, are pornographic, or depict sexual activity, actual or simulated.
  • Facilitate, encourage, offer, or solicit sexual conduct.
  • Involve or promote fraud, scams or deception.
  • Invade privacy of private places, communications, or persons.
  • Cause or promote emotional distress.
  • Involve threats or harassment.
  • Involve excessive or burdensome unwanted attention.
  • Impersonate individuals or organizations through likeness, voice, name, or other identifying attributes.
  • Defame others.
  • Contain streamer operated lotteries or sweepstakes.
  • Provide personal information of others without their consent.
  • Involve spam or unwanted commercial, irrelevant, or repeated communications.
  • Persistently share harmful misinformation.
  • Depict, cause, or encourage self harm.
  • Cause or encourage violent conduct.
  • Constitute or encourage hate speech that directly attacks a person or group on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, medical or mental condition, disability, age, sexual orientation, gender, or gender identity.
  • Abuse the platform’s resources and rewards.
  • Manipulate Twigo’s service or use artificial means to solicit or collect views, followers, shares, or rewards.
  • Involve hacks, cheating, or violation of rules in online multiplayer games to gain a competitive or other advantage.
  • Interfere with normal use of Twigo or impair its operations or functions in any way.
  • Attempt to circumvent or evade enforcement of Twigo Terms of Service and guidelines, restrictions on access to the service, and detection of improper or illegal behavior. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of another person’s account to evade suspension, termination, or cancellation of service to a person.
  • Collect information regarding other persons for use outside Twigo’s services.
  1. Sexually Explicit Content

To ensure content is safe for our diverse community, sexually suggestive content is prohibited on Twigo.

  1. Username Policy

Twigo may change your username or suspend your account without notice if your username is suspected of impersonation, trademark violation, profanity, hate speech, or racial slurs. Twigo reserves the right to suspend or free up inactive or impersonating usernames.

  1. Gambling

Gambling, of any kind, on the Twigo platform with other users is strictly prohibited.

  1. Enforcement

In order to protect our service and users, team Twigo reserves the right with or without warning to:

  • Mute accounts from Twigo chats, forums, discord.
  • Remove moderator or other privileges from accounts.
  • Add restrictions to accounts.
  • Remove or hide content.
  • Disable, suspend, or ban individuals and accounts.
  • Terminate accounts that have violated our guidelines or evaded previous restrictions or bans.

Please contact us to report violations or with any feedback or suggestions.