I’m a streamer! Can I make money using Twigo?

Yes! When you create a Twigo event and play in our streamer-dedicated game servers, your viewers can activate a wide variety of interactions that directly affect your gameplay and the game world itself. Instead of a regular donation, your viewers can now pay to support your stream AND troll you in-game.

Do I need to install anything on my PC?

Just the base game (Minecraft, Rust etc.) so you can join our dedicated server. No other apps/mods/files are required!

Is Twigo free to use?

Yes! You can create events for you and your viewers for free.

Can I create an event with other streamers?

Yes! You can collaborate with up to 3 other streamers (4 total) and earn together. When watching a Twigo event, your viewers can see all streamers and target each one for interactions.

Which streaming platforms are supported?

Currently Twigo supports Twitch.tv & YouTube with more streaming platforms coming soon!

Which games are supported?

Currently Twigo supports Minecraft & Rust, each with hand-crafted modes, rules and wild interactions your viewers can activate.

Can I adjust and remove interactions?

Yes! When creating your event, you can choose which interactions to add/remove, and change each interaction’s price and duration (where applicable). Want an overpowered interaction for 500$? You got it. By default, All interactions are enabled with default price & duration.

What’s the revenue split between streamers and Twigo?

All Twigo coins spent in an event, no matter which streamer is targeted, go into a single revenue pot. When the event ends, the pot is distributed: 80% goes to the streamers, 20% goes to Twigo. When creating your event, you choose the revenue split between each participating streamer.

How many events can I schedule in advance?

You can schedule up to 10 events in advance. Click on the "Events" button to check out your upcoming events, past events and create a new event.

What to do if I lost access to my Twigo account?

You can log into Twigo by using your Google or Discord account. If you lose access to your Google/Discord account, please contact the service provider.

Can I receive my monthly payout other than using PayPal?

Currently Twigo only supports payment via PayPal, with more options coming soon.

Help! I still need support

Please send an email to info@twigo.gg and we’ll do our best to help out