Terms of Event & Revenue

The Twigo Terms of Sales is for those who are committed to streaming and are ready to level up from your ability to create revenue through becoming a "Twigo Content Creator". Twigo Content Creators are creators who create events and broadcast their content to viewers who may influence the course of the games as such exist at Twigo from time to time ("Event"). If you love sharing what you do with a live community, wishing to give your viewers the opportunity to influence the course of the games, for your and/or the other content creator(s) ("Content Creator(s)"), you are welcome to click the "Create Event" button and come on board! By clicking "Create Event" icon, you agree to all the provisions of the [Terms of Service detailed here], the [Twigo Privacy Policy here] and the following:

  1. Benefits as a Twigo Content Creator.

As a Twigo Content Creator, you can earn revenue form the viewers, as they are using their "Twigo Coins" to influence the course of the games, in accordance with the division determined by the you as a Twigo Content Creator ("You", "Your" or "Twigo Content Creator") of the Event as detailed in section ‎2 below.

  1. Create an Event

a. Date and Participants

In order to create an Event, you shall click on the "Create Event" button and set a day and time for the Event. Each Event may be broadcast by up to additional 3 Content Creators besides You as the Twigo Content Creator who created the Event. In order to onboard you with another Content Creator, each such will also have to agree to these terms.

b. "Twigo Coins" Conversion and Distribution

As creator of the Event, You will determine the percentage of distribution of "Twigo Coins" received from the Event among all the Content Creators participating in the Event, including You (each "Revenue Share").

At the end of each Event, "Twigo Coins" collected from viewers in the Event, will be converted to US dollars, according to the conversion ratio of one (1) Twigo Coin to US$ ("Conversion Ratio"). The Converted "Twigo Coins" sum ("Accumulated Revenue") will be reflected as a credit balance in Your and in each Content Creators' Twigo account pursuant to the Revenue Share You have indicated.

It is clarified that Twigo reserves the right to change the above conversion percentage of the total "Twigo Coins" collected at an Event, as well as the Conversion Ratio at its sole discretion, without your consent or the consent of the other Content Creators who participated in the Event and without any notice other than the updating the percentage and/or the conversion ratio stated above.

c. Promotion, Administration, or Conduct a Promotion

If you choose to promote, administer, or conduct a promotion (e.g., a contest or sweepstakes) on, though, or utilizing the Services you agree to the following rules: (1) You may carry out such promotions to the extent permitted by applicable law and you are solely responsible for ensuring that any such promotions comply with any and all applicable laws, obligations, and restrictions; (2) You will be classified as the promoter of your promotion in the applicable jurisdiction(s) and you will be solely responsible for all aspects of and expenses related to your promotion, including without limitation the execution, administration, and operation of such promotion; drafting and posting any official rules; selecting winners; issuing prizes; and obtaining all necessary third-party permissions and approvals, including without limitation filing any and all necessary registrations and bonds. Twigo has the right to remove such promotion from the Services if Twigo reasonably believes that such promotion does not comply with these Terms of Service or applicable law; (3) Twigo is not responsible for and does not endorse or support any such promotions. You may not indicate that Twigo is a sponsor or co-sponsor of the promotion; and (4) You will display or read out the following disclaimer when promoting, administering, or conducting a promotion: "This is a promotion by [Your Name], and Twigo does not sponsor or endorse this promotion and is not responsible for it.".

Additionally, if you choose to collaborate with brand, and publish content featuring, using, discussing, or promoting products, services, or specific content in exchange for something of value, such as being paid or provided with goods or services (includes without limitation paid product placements, endorsements, and sponsorships), you agree to use Twigo's "branded content" tool, which provides a written disclosure to viewers that your live stream contains branded content.

  1. **[Receiving the Accumulated and Converted "Twigo Coins"]**

a. date of transfer

Once a month, and no later than the tenth (10^th^) of each calendar month Twigo will distribute the Accumulated Revenue to each of the bank accounts provided by each of You and the other Content Creators.

b. Tax Consequences

You and each Content Creator shall be solely responsible for and bear all liability with respect to any revenue, payment, or otherwise any other compensation of any and all taxes, levies, insurances, contributions and other liabilities, charges, dues or impositions applicable thereto, in all jurisdictions having authority as applicable.

  1. Non-Employer-Employee Relationship

Neither Event creation by a You nor any other activity of Twigo with You or any Content Creator will be construed to have established any employer-employee, agency, joint venture, or partnership relationship between Twigo and You and/or any other Content Creator.